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Nixie Tube All Stars

  • Palette Contemporary Art and Creft 7400 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast Albuquerque, NM, 87109 United States (map)
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On Saturday, July 28, from 1-4 PM, Palette Contemporary Art and Craft will open our showing of Nixie Tube Clocks made in various countries from across the globe, an All-Star collection.  Not only functional, they are works of art!


We firmly believe that today’s men and women cannot live by and be satisfied with iPhone time-keeping, alone. Like a dependable, all-news radio station that delivers “traffic and weather on the 7s,” clocks are necessary and continue to have a future, and we’ve got the latest iteration!

Versions of nixie tubes are found in yesteryear’s radios and TVs and were known as vacuum tubes. However, nixie tubes are “birds of a different feather.”  They were components in 1970s and 1980s main-frame computers, for example.  Why they are still relevant today is that these New-Old-Stock (NOS) Nixie Tubes contain a metal screen for each numerical digit needed for displaying hours, minutes, seconds, and even dates, temperatures, and humidity.

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Tube clocks continue to evolve in terms of function and artistic composition. Cristian Dragomirescu leads in the functional category. Our former mid-1950s Neptune Water Meter has been internally gutted to not only show time, but, to display date, room temperature and humidity. A side sensing wand, which looks like a slot machine arm, gauges the temperature and humidity.  Another of our Cristian favorites is our 1960s former stand-alone Panasonic AM/FM Radio. When we sent this radio to Cristian, to have it converted to a clock, we fully expected the radio mechanicals would need to be removed for its clock installation.  When this Panasonic returned to us, we were floored to learn that the radio still worked!  Better yet, from an interest point-of-view, when one turns on the radio, the clock goes dark and vice-versa.  However, when the clock function returns, its time is current!


A couple years ago, we displayed and sold a Nixie Tube Clock that was implanted in a vintage metal iron, once used for clothing care.  Our next foray into consumer products is Alexandro’s four-digit Nixie Tube Camera Clock. Alexandro’s clock also has a temperature sensor and an alarm function.

Regardless of origin or style, what all of these tube clocks have in common is that their makers are marvelously creative and technically- talented. A refrain from previous tube clock buyers is that these clocks are surprising conversation starters, as they often get placed in prominent spaces in homes and offices and spur discussions.

Come to our show and see for yourself why you should depend on your iPhone for talking and our Nixie Tube Clocks for time-telling!

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