Vintage Voltage
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Vintage Voltage

Palette Contemporary Art and Craft is pleased to announce that we will be back at The Vintage Voltage Expo on Sunday, March 18,2018 at the Ramada Plaza Convention Center.

From 11 AM-3 PM, a $5 individual admission fee is charged.  10 AM "Early Bird" admission will cost $10 per person. 

Palette will feature a number of vintage tube radios in all of their wooden,metal,plastic splendor. Our mid-60s Panasonic AM/FM Clock/Radio has been enhanced to the show time via the use of Nixie Tubes! Of note, when the radio plays,the clock does not and vice versa.Even better, when the radio is turned off, the clock comes back on to the current time.It must be magic!

We’ll also bring a wide array of mid-century watches. The eternally-collectible Hamilton Pacer Electric Watch will be featured. Developed in the late 1950s with its unique asymmetric design, the Pacer was the first battery watch and the forerunner to the quartz watches,today. We have a number of Hamilton Electrics to show you.As well, we’ll display mechanical watch brands from yesteryear with such brands as Doxa, Jules Jurgensen, Lanco, and Wittnauer.

 Mid-Century wall and desk clocks will complete our display.The ever-popular Junghans Kitchen Clock/Timer will be present. A gray porcelain body houses an easy-to-read circular clock and a timer. Back before the days of microwave or even stop-top clocks, a Junghans Kitchen Clock/Timer let folks know when their meals were ready and in grand style to boot!

We hope that you will attend the 2018 Vintage Voltage Expo and look forward to visiting with you as always!

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A Good Sign
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A Good Sign

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During 3-6PM, on Saturday, 4-28-18, Jaqueline Cruz, painter, will be present to discuss her astrological works displayed at her current show, "A Good Sign" which is being held at Palette Contemporary Art and Craft. Feel free to visit, and view Jaqueline's fine paintings with a keen eye out for her depiction of your personal astrological sign.Does it match your expectation of what your sign "should" be? Pro or Con, Jaqueline will be ready to discuss her interpretation with you! Our own Ariana Mancino did great research work in uncovering very thorough and engaging written descriptions for each sign which are posted next to each painting.

Further background on Jaqueline's work is provided by the Albuquerque Journal Art Columnist,Wesley Pulkka, whose wrote a wonderful review on April 1..  For your time's investment on one short Saturday afternoon,between Jaqueline paintings and discussion,Ariana's research, and Wes' commentary, you should now feel well-versed in the field of Astrology ,in general,and of your personal stake or "Sign", specifically. Come for Jaqueline's paintings and get the added benefit of admiring appealing art glass from our roster of international artists which are also on display during her show.

Featuring Paintings by Jaqueline Cruz

Beginning Friday, March 16, from 5-8 PM, please join Palette Contemporary Art and Craft as we welcome, new painter, Jaqueline Cruz with her Zodiac series.

Originally from Brazil, Jaqueline dreamed of coming to the United States and working toward an exhibition of her artistry.  A busy person, Jaqueline is also a physical education teacher, a Spanish and Portuguese interpreter, and a dancer!

Jaqueline's paintings are heavily influenced by her love of music and dance.  She says, "[I am] fascinated by the culture of movement and how dance can represent lines and limitations to give geometric shape to the movement that fits into the rhythm.  From my observations, I noticed that one's astrological bend influences one's body movement during dance.  Dance is an art, like painting, so I started to figure out how to make that connection.  Intuitively, I wanted to represent the signs of the zodiac using delineated lines, squares, and colors.  I mixed my aforementioned desire with music, and my initial sketches turned into finished paintings."

In addition to Jaqueline’s presentation, on our pedestals, we’ll be featuring a fine selection of Mid-Century glass and ceramic sculpture from across the globe. From the Czech Republic, you’ll see Frantisek Vizner’s cut and polished candlestick holders,Pavel Hlava’s stunningly colorful Sommerso vases as well as Karel Wunsch’s vases a couple of which hail from his renown “Dual Series” from the 1960s. German glass from Walther can be viewed as can a number of glass and ceramic sculptures from the Scandinavian countries.

Plenty to be seen!

On March 16 from 5-8 PM, come stargaze with Palette, admire Jaqueline's paintings, learn about your zodiac sign, and also enjoy our terrestrial sculpture,too!

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