Laura de Santillana
Bambu Vases

Laura de Santillana
Bambu Vases


Laura de Santillana

Bambu Vases

Murano Glass

Designed for Arcade Glass, Italy

Bambu Vases are produced in a limited edition of 300 per year, per color, in 31 different colors.

Albuquerque In-Stock Colors:: Amber, Orange, Ice, Ink, Nut, Olive, Plum, Red, Sage, Savana (Last one), Tea

21 (H) x 2.5 (W) Inches

More Colors Available Via Special Order. What we do not have in Albuquerque can be ordered with, typically, a 2-3 week lead time

Colors Available for order:

BE – Aegean

MT - Malta

BA - Baltic

AQ - Aquamarine

VO - Olive

SL - Sage

VP - Pea

ME - Mint

TT - Titanium

IN - Ink

GR - Gray

NE - Black

GC - Wistaria

PE - Periwinkle

AT - Amethyst

RS - Pink

BR – Light Brown

MA – Dark Brown

NO - Nut

TH - Tea

PU - Plum

AM – Amber

GL - Lemon

SO - Sun

RO – Red

CA - Carrot

AR - Orange

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