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These Horns Actually Play Music

Steve Smeed, a ceramic artist and potter, has specialized in creating unique and functional porcelain horns. Each of Steve's instruments are hand-built using colored porcelain. Vibrant decoration and unusual sculptural shapes make his work both whimsical and captivating.

Steve states...

"I concentrate on the brass-type instruments because of the plumbing which lends itself to a more involved and interesting sculptural form. These non-linear forms are more stable and less breakable than instruments which would be made with straight clay tubing."

Constructed from solid colored porcelain clay, the tubing and other shapes are made of and decorated with inlayed and marbled colors of solid porcelain. The bells and mouth pieces are wheel-thrown. A clear glaze is applied which fuses to the colored porcelain clay.

Furthermore, he has confirmed that bugle calls can be played on this piece! Click on "These Horns Actually Play Music" to hear a demonstration.

Approximately two years ago, Steve took a hiatus from making these instruments. Regardless, people still inquire about the availability of his wonderful work. As a result, we have one individual who is willing to sell his pictured Large Smeed French Horn for $800. This horn was created in 1994 and is considered by its owner to be in "flawless" condition. However, this piece is not currently displayed in our gallery. If you're even the slightest bit interested in it, please let us know and we can get further images from its current owner for you to consider.

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