Leah Dunaway

6 piece(s) in the gallery

Palette Contemporary Art & Craft is happy to present a number of new mixed media paintings by artist Leah Dunaway.
She is an abstract studio painter and works with multiple layers of acrylic paint and mixed media, Texture media, such as bits of metal, glass, string, nails, and ripped denim with exposed threads—are utilized to create wondrous surfaces which reveal many intricacies upon repeat viewings. Embellishing her work with color, shape, line, and even charcoal, allows her to express mood, ideas, relationships, and invention. Many layers of thinned acrylic paint create depth. A combination of organic and geometric shapes provides unique design and spatial interplay.

Equally interesting is the precision that Leah delivers in such abstract works. Fairly or unfairly, abstract works have been criticized for being sloppily composed and/or executed. Not the case with Leah's creations. By stretching her canvasses upon their frames prior to painting, Leah is then able to continue painting her compositions over the top, bottom, and side edges of her work with a sense of completeness. In fact, Leah's works need no frames!

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