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Belle, Mel, & Assorted Jewelry Farewell

(Marbles As Well!)


Sale Runs Through 3/2/17

Palette Contemporary Art and Craft Invites you throughout January, Including First Friday (1/6/17 from 5-8 PM) and Artful Saturday (1/21/17 from 3-6 PM), to attend and peruse our merchandise during our jewelry and marble sale!

Listed, and linked, below are most of the jewelry artists whose pieces are on sale. Valentine's Day will be here before you know it!  Your special someone will appreciate the gift of jewelry from Palette, and you'll appreciate the savings! 

The artists who's jewelry will be 25% off are:

You can also find all of our on sale marble artists here.

Come visit us either on our two special event dates or at a convenient time in January, and clean up with significant savings on pieces created by various jewelry and marble artists!

Can't visit us in person?  Visit us online and email us ( or give us a phone call (505-855-7777)!


Featuring Fiber Art by

Sheila Frampton-Cooper

Opening Reception: Friday, February 3, 5-8 PM

Show Runs Through 3/2/17

Palette welcomes the beautiful fiber creations of Sheila Frampton-Cooper.  Beginning Friday, February 3, from 5-8 PM, and continuing through March 2, 2017, we will be showcasing Sheila's bright, colorful works that will be sure to get you in the mood for spring!

 A fiber artist living and creating in France, Sheila describes her artistry as bold and graphic as she is inspired by color, line, and shape. She loves the bright, beautiful patterns of tropical fish and is constantly in awe of nature's palette. She also enjoys painting with thickened dyes, discharging, and batiking, in her surface design.   Sheila enjoys creating by literally laying pieces of fabric on top of each other with no set plan in mind.  Creating pieces this way is a huge challenge, so she finds its accomplishment to be incredibly rewarding.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sheila started creating art early.  As a teenager, she explored Europe, living in Italy, France, and Belgium before returning to California to focus on her art.  Sheila began her artistic career using many different media, but, ironically without including fabric!  Oil, acrylic, watercolors, jewelry, and photography were among Sheila's cache of initial artistic interests. 

One night as Sheila painted, she decided that she really wasn't feeling any connection to her canvas, so Sheila dipped a brush in paint and "Jackson Pollocked" the heck out of that thing.  After her "splatter fest" concluded, Sheila immediately fell in love with her spontaneous creation, and a signature style was born!

Spontaneous creation via the random piecing of her works together is what drew her to fabric art in the first place.  Since embarking on her fiber art adventure in 2010, Sheila has won awards at major quilt shows, including: IQA World of Beauty in Houston, AQS Show in Paducah, KY, and the Road to California. In April 2013, she won her most cherished award—Libby Lehman’s "Judges Recognition" for her quilt, “Fantasyland” at the AQS Show in Paducah. Sheila now conducts fiber art workshops across the globe.

This February, come in from the cold and wrap yourself (but, please don't actually, Sheila will be really mad at us if we wrinkle her quilts) in her warm, bright color palettes and visions of spring.

And, our 25% off Jewelry and Marble Sale continues through the month of February. Think of who, on your Valentine's Day Gift List, would enjoy a beautiful wearable or valued keepsake from YOU!

 We look forward to seeing you beginning February 3rd!




Palette Contemporary Art and Craft is pleased to announce that we will be back at the Palm Springs Modernism Show for its 17th edition! For tickets and more information on Modernism Week, please visit

 From February 17-20, we will be present at the Palm Springs Convention Center displaying pieces such as: vintage clocks, watches, and radios, Eyvind Earle prints, a 1922 signed lithograph from Wassily Kandinsky and a Robert Cottingham woodcut print entitled "Corona."

Robert Cottingham's paintings and prints are so realistic because of his obsession with the precise geometry of his subjects which he has described as images of "Tools of the Everyman". Known as a photorealist, although he doesn't consider himself one, Robert likes to take his subject, make it devoid of nostalgia, and add a slight abstract component to it. His shadows in "Corona" add an edge to this alluring image. You will enjoy viewing this fine piece!

Speaking of "shadows," we have re-loaded and will present many serigraphs by the "Master Shadow Maker," Eyvind Earle, himself. In the past, we have displayed many of Eyvind's classic images depicting the mustard grass hillsides, shadowed perspectives, and inky black cows in, roughly, 8 x 10 inch compositions of the "Golden State." Frankly, the inventory of many of these small serigraphs (silkscreens) is dwindling to a precious few. In addition to these 8 x10s, we'll also have three slightly larger works which we have not displayed in Palm Springs, previously.

Palette will feature a wide array of vintage tube radios in all of their wooden and catalin glory. Scandinavian furniture is regularly seen and purchased at Palm Springs Modernism. Why not consider owning a Danish radio that possesses a teak wood cabinet to further fit your decor? Our 1958 Herofon was produced by Arena in Denmark which boasted the largest production of Danish radios circa 1960.This model has four tubes, AM, and two short wave bands. It plays well.

 Among the new additions to our radio display will be two Zenith Transoceanic models, a Mini Kingston Wedge, and a 1938 Philips 470 with its brown-swirled catalin cabinet. Plenty of options to consider!

Romanian Cristian Dragomirescu continues to creatively re-construct yesterday's industrial equipment into today and tomorrow's Nixie Tube Clock/ Weather Stations. His top-of-unit tubes show the temperature, humidity, and day's date on a rotating basis. The tubes present in the former center face show the time. Cristian's creations are not big and can be easily displayed in convenient locations in your home or office. His units are not only functional; they are attention-getters, and conversation pieces, too!

We hope that you will attend the17th annual Palm Springs Modernism Show and look forward to visiting with you in our booth, number 307.



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