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Featuring Eyvind Earle's Landscape Prints

Opening Reception: Friday, June 2, 5-8 PM

Show Runs Through 7/8/17

The Eyvind Earle legend continues to grow!

Palette Contemporary Art and Craft is pleased to announce the opening of our latest Eyvind Earle show, Sun-Drenched, on Friday, June 2.  There will be a First Friday reception from 5-8 PM on this evening at our Albuquerque gallery.

A special occasion merits a special treat.  For June 2, we are providing via Albuquerque’s ABC Cake Shop a luscious sheet cake which depicts one of Eyvind’s print images.  Palette patron Dave Merriam picked our image.  We’re counting on this to be the best vanilla cake with Bavarian crème filling and almond butter crème icing that you’ve ever had!

We're thrilled to also announce that The Walt Disney Family Museum, in San Francisco, is honoring Eyvind with a show entitled, "Awakening Beauty: The Art of Eyvind Earle" which opened on May 18 and runs through January 8, 2018.  All Eyvind Earle fans need to make the pilgrimage to see this wondrous exhibit which will feature more than 250 of his works.  These will include intricate thumbnail concept paintings for "Lady and the Tramp" and evocative large-scale concept artworks for "Sleeping Beauty."  Alongside Eyvind's Disney artistry will be an extensive showcase of his fine art, including elaborate and lush landscapes, unique scratchboards, and rare examples of sculpture, companion poetry, and commercial illustrations.  In fact, one of the pieces of our own collection of Eyvind's paintings, "Monument Valley," is part of the current Disney display!  For further details, including the purchase of tickets, please visit

Reflecting on his time at the Walt Disney Studios, Eyvind commented, "I consider my six or seven years [in the 1950s] at Disney the greatest art school in the whole world, because I worked hard and fast with the very, very best men in the industry."  Beyond his work at the studios, Eyvind's distinctive interpretation of iconic American landscapes as a fine printmaker and artist continue to impact and inspire generations of artists.

The Walt Disney Family Foundation Press will publish a fully illustrated, 176-page catalog.  For all Palette patrons, visiting to view our collection of approximately 20 Earle paintings and prints, you may register (through 7/8/17) to win one of these Disney catalogs.  Visit Palette multiple times, register multiple times, and increase your chances of winning this fine publication!  Bring your friends and frenemies, too!

In the future, during Palm Springs Modernism (October 20-22, 2017) and the LA Art Show (January 10-14, 2018), we will also exhibit Eyvind's pieces for your viewing pleasure.  We anticipate showing more of his pieces in Los Angeles than Palm Springs.

In the interim, beginning June 2, please visit us in Albuquerque, where you can view Eyvind's inky black cows, mustard grass hills, and stylized shadowed perspectives.  We look forward to your patronage!

Birds of Paradise

Featuring Paintings and Assemblages by Charlie Aldrich

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 15, 3-6 PM

With Charlie Present



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